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2013 Harvest Letter to Growers

Following is a list of crop insurance items that come up at this time of year, which we have learned, from experience, can lead to questions.

Wheat and Forage Production MP Insurance deadline to purchase change or cancel for 2014

If you need MPCI coverage on either of these crops for 2014 or want to make changes to your current wheat or forage MPCI policy for next year, the final date to do so is September 30th, 2013.  A quick call (800-833-2602) to us can begin that process.

2013 Premium Billing Due Date

You will be receiving shortly your corn, soybean and other spring crop premium bills over the next few weeks.  These premiums are to be paid by Sept 30th, 2013.  Interest will accrue and be charged on unpaid account balances beginning October 1st. If you have questions regarding your bill, feel free to call our office at 1-800-833-2602.

Chopping corn or harvesting corn for high moisture

Again, if you plan to chop some corn for silage or harvest corn for high moisture corn, call us to file a claim as you will need an appraisal of the crop in the field. Your corn is insured as “grain”. Using acres for another use such as silage or HM corn is fine, but needs a field appraisal.


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